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TiTAN Platform

TiTAN Platform Introduce

TiTAN Platform is not technology for simple services. It is technology that provides independent service to individuals and companies through a total platform (Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS)) that can be used by anyone without the costs of building infrastructure necessary for various media content services, service technology developments and operations. The cloud-based TiTAN Platform architecture is based on N-screen technology enabling tens of thousands of hours of digital content to be available on TiTAN Platform and be equally distributed across various devices. The TCI (TiTAN Content Identifier) technology with security identification functionality solves problems such as the illegal replication and distribution of content.


TiTAN Platform provides hardware and software infrastructure for digital content services, as well as a Content Commerce platform to freely sell and use all registered digital content to provide digital content such as registration, management, creation and distribution. It enables integrated management for the whole life cycle. We provide value to corporations and content providers who are forced to invest a lot of money to secure their content, creators who do not have a clear revenue model other than advertising and consumers who have to enjoy each service separately for each content type through a digital content service eco-system that integrates all of our products into one.


TiTAN Platform as a Service (PaaS)

TiTAN Platform provides digital content security identification and management to prevent unauthorized duplication and distribution of registered digital content as well as capture technology to prevent duplication through sniffing to ensure stability from hacking.

- TiTANplatform Content Identifier (TCI)

The technology adds a 'TCI Identification Code' and meta information to the original file, and maintains the file’s original format with the identification code encrypted within the file to provide a secure system.


- TiTAN capture and hacking prevention

It provides anti-capture technology to prevent malicious users from illegally copying videos using a video capture program. When users try to hack or clone digital content through sniffing, symmetric encryption and forensic marking technology are applied to ensure stability.


- TiTAN monitoring

The content sold and distributed through TiTAN Platform are monitored online through the TCI identification code system which provides usage information in real time, and can be used for a variety of content services such as marketing tools utilizing big data. PLATFORM_img_05

- Difference between TCI and existing DRM technology

 TCI  division  Other company DRM products
 Irregular keychain content encryption
and library authentication methods.
(Inserts the identification code inside the file
to maintain the encrypted file format.)
 Characteristic  Protects content based on encryption solution
(lack of key leak control function)
 Immediately  Installation Period  6 months to 1 year
 Free  Cost  40 million to 100 million per year
(contingent on number of users and coverage)
infrastructure cost excluded
 Protects and controls content across all areas of the platform  Coverage  Content protection (Limited scalability and potential for source leakage)
 Services that require copyright protection
and control of digital media content
 Applies to  Services requiring content encryption (protection)
 Immediately  When  Differs by target format
 Transcoding original files using TCI library
Securing security / stability / responsiveness / scalability
compared to public encryption algorithm
 Encryption Function  Encrypting source files using encryption algorithms
 There is no possibility of leakage of the original file
because the TCI library keeps it encrypted through the loaded player.
 Decoding function  Disadvantage is that there are sections to be decoded
when transmitting to externally (user, etc.).
 Library certification authority and content license  Rights Management Issues  Separate rights layer management
required for decryption process
 Recognizes the file's own information,
content recognition and
blocking / tracking control of major
distribution channels of information
 Spill prevention and tracking  Decrypted file leakage, content and logs are left behind.
 Built-in TCI-only playback program  Capture prevention function  Capture prevention function provided separately.

- TiTAN Commerce

TiTAN Platform not only protects digital content through TCI identification codes, but also provides content-trading technology that enables digital content owners to sell and manage their own content. It is possible to register and sell their own digital content by simple registration through the customer interface without building a separate infrastructure and service. Sales, settlement, statistics, and marketing services are provided without a separate platform fee in order to promote the creativity of the creator. It is necessary to provide the opportunity to safely protect and share their creativity. It provides companies a way to securely distribute and share valuable information and users with high quality content protected by TCI.


- TiTAN Advertising

TiTAN Platform provides the ability to set customized ads by collecting and analyzing user's content consumption patterns across gender, age and individual tastes. The TCI ready file stores not only the meta information of digital content such as title, content, play time, registrant, tag and file format of the corresponding original file, but also the user's information. Also, ads can provide personalized information with automatic analysis of big data.


 Autonomous Custom Ad Serving Services  Publishers can directly advertise on your channel or content.
You can see and choose the right ads for your channel and content.
You can also set up your own delivery method.
Maximize monetization by direct advertising in addition to content sales revenue.
It is easy to manage advertisements and profits as well as basic statistics through the channel management function and it can be used for various marketing functions.
 Custom selective advertising service  Services that allows consumers to select ads that are directly exposed by content consumers.
You can select the type of advertisement and the way of delivery method.
Preventing unwanted types of ad exposure and interference in content.
A new concept service that generates profits by consuming content by sharing only the desired customized advertisement while at the same time sharing advertising revenue.
 Advertiser Platform Targeted Advertising Service  Provides services for advertisers to easily register content without going through an agency
Advertisers can set their own advertising costs and duration and are provided with real-time information on actual advertisement ratings and consumer influx
Decreases advertising costs and maximizes advertising effect by providing tailored ads that consider a consumer's individual characteristics

TiTAN SaaS (Software as a Service)

TiTAN Platform is a Cloud N-Screen Platform that enables customers to serve and consume digital content offered by TiTAN Platform through diverse and optimized channels.

- TiTAN Player

TiTAN Player is a dedicated digital content player provided by TiTAN Platform. It supports Multi Format Player function and can play various digital content such as videos, audio files and images. Besides smart phones, PCs, notebooks, STBs, SmartTVs, the DID Display can be serviced by most multimedia devices so digital content of TiTAN Platform can be provided to customers whenever and wherever. In addition, TCI Player Core SDK supports the enterprise video content business with individual services optimized for every company.


TiTAN Platform is available for everyone. After signing up as a member, you can upload content by simply verifying your identity and you will be able to distribute your content on various devices. You do not have to do any additional work to prevent piracy and illegal distribution. All content registered through TiTAN Platform is automatically protected by TCI technology, so it is safe from illegal copying, distribution, personal information and privacy leakage. While other existing similar content protection platforms have high adoption costs, heavy technology requirements and investment needs and limited functionality, TiTAN Platform helps creators do everything with an automated system. TiTAN Platform is the most user-friendly service platform.