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1 [TiTAN core] How do I join?

Membership is available through the TiTAN Play app.

2 [TiTAN core] I can not log in.

Login may be restricted in the following cases:

1. ID and password do not match

2. For unsubscribed accounts

3. If the device is registered with a different ID on TiTAN Core 5

* You can log in to the account that registered the device and use it after unregistering the device.

4. If the number of TiTAN Core 5 devices can be registered in one account

* TiTAN Core5 supports registration of up to 5 devices per ID to prevent leakage and security of your personal information.

3 [TiTAN core] No Video

If the screen does not appear, check the following.

* Make sure that the power plug is disconnected.

Check the HDMI cable connection.

Make sure the TV is set to [External input - HDMI].

* Check network connection status.

4 [TiTAN core] The remote control does not work.

If the remote control does not work, check the following.

* Check if the battery is installed in the remote control and power is on. (It is normal when the button lights red when it is pressed)

* Check if the remote control RF receiver is installed. (Must be attached to the USB port)

5 [TiTAN core] I can not hear the voice.

If you do not hear sound, check the following:

* Check the earphone and Bluetooth connection status.

* Check the volume of the connected TV.

6 [TiTAN core] What services does TiTAN Core 5 offer?

Movies, digital content. Podcast. Global Channel, Karaoke, and Webtoon.

7 [TiTAN core] My video quality is not good.

TiTAN Core5 provides the highest quality picture quality offered by content distributors.

Depending on the performance of your smart terminal and the wireless network connection, the quality of the image may be different.

If the screen is cut off while watching, please connect in a stable network environment.

In the case of Wi-Fi, even if the strength of the antenna is large,

Please note that the actual network speed can be significantly reduced.

8 [TiTAN core] Can I get a refund for VOD purchased through TiTAN Core 5?

The VOD service provided by TiTAN Core 5 starts to be watched at the same time of purchasing due to the nature of digital contents,

Therefore, we can not refund any money that you have already used.

In TiTAN Core 5, you need to confirm your purchase before payment.

We will proceed with the password verification process one more time.

(However, a refund is only possible if the provider and the provider determine that the content itself is abnormal.)

9 [TiTAN core] Content varies by country.

TiTAN Core 5 is a global service provider and serves content from many countries.

Copyright and content Depending on the distributor's circumstances, the services and content provided by each country may change.

10 [TiTAN core] How do I reload?

You can charge it in the TiTAN Play app.

1 [TiTAN play] How do I join?

Membership can be easily done by entering your email address and password through the sign up screen. If you have a Facebook account, you can join without entering your password.

2 [TiTAN play] Is there a membership restriction?

You can not join if you are under 13 years old. Only members who have passed the 13th birthday can join as a member. To check this, check the date of birth at the sign-up stage.

For users who do not want to save any personal information without joining as a member, we provide services that allow users to view the content without logging in. However, functions that are subject to agreement with the company's terms and policies, such as commenting or uploading content, It's possible."

3 [TiTAN play] What can I use as a member service?

As a member, you can create your own profile and channel, upload your content, and make it public. We are also in the process of selling personal content.

You can follow other creator's channels, subscribe to feeds, comment, or click Like to show off a crush.

You can save your favorite content for later viewing, and you can more easily access content that fits your taste through a list of tagged content.

In addition, the service analyzes members' activities and recommends more appropriate content and services.

4 [TiTAN play] Is it possible to use without registering?

You do not have to be a member to enjoy your content.

However, for paid content that is age-restricted or requires payment, we provide services only to members in order to protect their purchasing rights.

5 [TiTAN play] I want to leave my membership.

Are you dissatisfied with Titan Play's service? Think again before you leave, and if you give us your feedback on our HelpDesk, we will actively converge.

If you want to unsubscribe, you can unsubscribe using Profile> Profile Change> Account setting> Close Account.

However, you must carefully read the information and precautions that will be deleted when you leave. The withdrawal receipt can not be restored.

6 [TiTAN play] What happens to my information when I leave?

All profile data of member and purchase history are lost.

Since the copyright of the content is a valuable ownership of the creator, it will be canceled at the time of withdrawal of the account or deletion of the profile. (However, deletion may be delayed for a certain period of time to protect the rights of the content buyer.

7 [TiTAN play] I want to leave and rejoin.

You can not sign up for the same email address for a period of time (about 60 days) in order to process deletion, settlement, etc. of content at the time of withdrawal.

8 [TiTAN play] I forgot my password.

Press the 'Forgot Password' button in the login window to reset the password. Your temporary password will be emailed to your subscribed account. Please change your password in My Profile after logging in.

9 [TiTAN play] What happens if I delete my profile?

The channel of the profile, the content of the channel are all organized in the same group

Therefore, if you delete a profile, all content you have registered on that profile will be deleted.

(However, removal may be deferred for a period of time to protect the rights of the content buyer.

Comments on other channels or on other members' content will not be automatically deleted, only the author's profile information will be deleted.

If you want to delete a comment, delete each comment and delete the profile.

10 [TiTAN play] How do I change my profile name?

Membership names are randomly generated when you join Titan Play. Try changing your profile name to a cool profile name.

11 [TiTAN play] What are the caveats when uploading content?

Titan Play may post any content except the following content:

- Content that you do not have a legitimate rights to

- Content that could harm others or violate the rights of others

- Content that may be illegal or dangerous

- Content that contains highly sexual or pornographic content, including child pornography

- Content that includes or causes violence, hatred, or hate

- Content intended for advertising purposes (however, the purpose of sharing the originals of the ad footage may be allowed)

If you register for content in the above list, your account may be disabled with content blocking.

Titan Play has its own monitoring staff to create a clean service, but you need to participate through the reporting function of your members.

12 [TiTAN play] Video can not be uploaded.

Please make sure that the file you are uploading is a video file.

13 [TiTAN play] The screen is cut off or the program ends during playback.

First, check your network status. If you continue to experience difficulties with video playback, please try reinstalling the program, and if that does not work, please contact our customer service.

14 [TiTAN play] Can I delete or edit uploaded files?

You can delete or edit your uploaded files from My Channel> My Videos.

15 [TiTAN play] I uploaded a video, but I can not see it.

Uploaded content takes 3 ~ 5 minutes because it goes through inspection process.

16 [TiTAN play] Can I download content?

Since Titan Play does not provide download services. Also, because the content uploaded to Titan Play uses its own proprietary content protection technology (TCI, TiTAN Platform Content Identifier) File structure that can not be illegally edited or processed even if it is leaked.

17 [TiTAN play] I want to sell my videos.

Currently, Titan Play does not allow the sale of personal content. However, please be patient since the sale of personal contents is in preparation with the introduction of the paid payment system.

If you act as a creator now and collect followers, it will help you sell paid content in the future.

18 [TiTAN play] I do not get the results I want.

Search results come from content titles, channel names, and content tags.

You can also search by numbers, so you can search for the desired channel easily.

19 [TiTAN play] How do I create a channel?

Channels are created automatically when you sign up.

Click on your profile picture in the top right corner and you'll see "My Channel".

20 [TiTAN play] I want to subscribe to my channel.

Sign up as a member, sign in and press the Follow button on your favorite channel>

In the channel's Feed menu, you can see a list of the videos that have been updated in the channels that the currently checked-in profile is following.

Follow various channels. Or if you register good content as a creator and run a channel, many people will follow your channel.

21 [TiTAN play] I want to change channel information.

You can change channel information by pressing the Setup button at the top of My Channel.

Create your own channel with compelling titles and content!

[TiTAN ai/Robot] coming soon