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TiTAN Cloud Content Management System

(TiTAN Cloud Content Management System)

TTCCMS (TiTAN Cloud Content Management System) is a cloud-based content management platform that can provide various information, entertainment contents and advertisement for digital signage service and operation.


Digital Signage On Demand Service

Businesses wishing to provide digital signage services need complex processes from pre-service contracts to DID system development and installation, and system expansion. TCCMS can select and provide the service method suitable among Cloud Base and Stand Alone methods in consideration of service size and method of provider, as well as providing cloud-based infrastructure, various media technology and security technology as software service . In addition, system expansion and distribution are are carried on automatically when using cloud-based service, it is not necessary to worry about operation by auto-linking after installing service and subscription.



TCCMS provides customized services for customized services through TCCMS to provide all functions for programming, scheduling, metadata extraction, and content management, services and device monitoring, services and device monitoring.

Content Management
- Easily upload content with Content Cloud
- Upload and edit various contents of content such as VOD, IMG, AUDIO, PPTX, PDF, FLASH, HTML, etc.
- Transcoding automatically when content is uploaded, TCI Encryption (optional) for security, and automatically extracts and allocates media information such as thumbnail and codec after uploading.
- The content store enables service without any additional content creation, and can be linked to TiTAN Play's internal channel through TiTAN Play interworking.

Program Management
Web Base Service
- Easy access to TCCMS Web without installing any program
- Available on all devices accessible via PC and Smartphone, such as Tablet PCs

Schedule management
- DID program can be set by specifying the desired date and time
- Feel free to set the personalization-day period
- Manage schedules to automate scheduling of scheduling schedules

Program management
- Can create DID screen using program template
- Supports various effects such as overlay, transparency, bg sound, textbox, etc.
- Templet mode, including Templet mode, etc.

- Monitor 24 hours for all devices under service
- System alerts automatically notify customers and administrators when a device fails
- Automatic notification when service anomalies occur, such as system anomalies, traffic congestion, etc.


Unique Services

In addition to content management, program management, and monitoring functions, TCCMS offers a range of functions for providing reliable and convenient service delivery.

Reliability and Scalability
Storage, streamers, and transcoders inside the cloud are fast and easily scalable in the cloud. All data is automatically backed up, and all systems operate in a redundant structure to ensure reliability. In addition, all systems and devices are operated by 24-hour control system so that they can be serviced without interruption.

Real-time Content Service
Real-time delivery of key external content providers in addition to media content registered by the licensee. You can provide information about the daily lives of news sources (securities, exchange rates, lifestyle, news, breaking news, and weather).

Advertisement Service
Through the advertisement management capabilities of TCCMS, the licensee; Business Owner can generate desired advertisement or generate revenue by providing an advertisement content. You can insert advertisements directly into the desired location on displays, or combine your advertisement with an external advertisement. Business owners may be able to generate advertising revenue generated by advertising.

Targeted Audience Advertisement
You can manage advertising target groups, such as regions, destinations, and operators, and send advertising by targeting media content targeted by targeted media. Through advertising management, you can advertise your ad anytime you want, so you can choose the right ad for your own business.

TiTAN Play
Content is available in conjunction with TiTAN Play Platform, the Social Cloud Content Platform in the TiTAN Platform. After you register content on a channel in TiTAN Play Channel, you can use the content in TCCMS to enable the content of the content and the history of that content can be obtained from TiTAN Play.

N-screen service
Content registered with TCCMS can be provided by a variety of devices, not just Digital Information Display, but also with Internet connectivity. This enables operators to offer more diversified and scalable services.

Function List

 Upload  Multi Channel Upload
-Web Browser(IE, Chrome, Firefox, etc)
 Bulk Upload
 Cloud  Cloud Storage
Support for file archiving in different formats
Encryption using SSL Security Protocol
 Cloud Storage
Access Control PC Synchronization
 Content  Managing various content such as video, audio, image, PP TX, HTML, etc.
Group Management (folder, group)
 Meta Data Management
TCI Ready File Transform
 Schedule Management  Manage multiple scenario scheduling agendas for custom schedules
-Schedule management by date/day/time
-Manage playback of multiple scenarios
-Automatically manage duplicate schedules
 Quick synchronization with player when changing schedule
-Quick automatic reflection of player when schedule changes
Schedule batches, individual reflection possible
 Program  Linked external content
-Headline news, Weather, Exchange rate, Stock info
Cloud store Sync
-Cloud store makes it easy to buy templates and content
 Easily create programs using templates
Various production functions
-overlay, transparency, bg sound, textbox support etc
 Cloud Store  Freely sell and purchase content
-Possible to trade contents such as video, audio, image
-Templates and programs available for monetization
 TiTAN Play Sync
-TiTAN Play account integration enables service, contents and advertisement synchronization
 Advertisement  Targeted Advertisement Service
-Ability to set up ads to be delivered to the program
-Various targets can be set up such as operator, content, gender, age
 Monetize on Advertisement Service
-Shared advertising fee when offering program advertising
-Ability to set Advertisement structure such as CPC, CPI, etc.
 Monitoring  Real-time DID monitoring
-Real-time monitoring of DID status such as operation status, Error
 System Error Notification
-Real time message notification when detect unusual traffic, error, failure, etc.
 Analysis Statics  Player, content, duration, device
Playback frequency, playback interval, and network traffic information
 Log in Management
-Provides service connection report by ID, IP, and time
 Operation  Stand Alone, Cloud Service Structure
Direct operation and contract operation possible
 Access to TCCMS via Web login
 Account  Multiple Manager
Manager Account Control
 Easy access authorization and blocking access

Smart Digital Signage products

TiTAN Smart Display is available in a variety of resolutions and industry specific product configurations. It works with TiTAN Cloud CMS and is applied to various fields according to user's purpose.

Business Model

You can install remote displays that are remotely controlled through a network or commercial space to provide information, entertainment, and advertising in a variety of ways.