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Industry Background

Since the introduction of PCs, there have been many predictions and analysis of who will occupy the position in media center area that connects to the TV in the living room. Various smart devices with voice recognition-based AI secretaries such as Google's assistant and Amazon's Alexa are emerging, and various OTT (Over The Top) devices are also fiercely competing in the industry. In addition, due to the emergence of various product models of communication carriers, the living room is evolving into a home media center and home IoT hub.


Top 10 Consumer IoT Trends in 2017

Recent studies show that in 2016, US broadband subscribers have an average of eight connected computing, entertainment, mobile devices, and two or more connected home devices. More than one third of consumers own connected medical devices and more than 63 million homeowners have joined the broadband OTT video service. Here are the keywords for this fast-growing 2017 IoT trend.

① Voice Control

Voice control is evolving into a user-friendly interface for creating smart homes and connected lifestyles.

② Mobile Services

Telecommunication carriers are competing to attract subscribers and threatening existing broadband services.

③ Connected CE

Consumer electronics manufacturers are focusing on building an ecosystem by adding new product categories to complement the recession in the home appliance market, which has already entered a mature stage.

④ Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality and augmented reality are increasing opportunities for early adopters to tap into niche markets and to raise public awareness.

⑤ OTT Video Services

As more and more consumers are looking for a variety of video services, the boundaries between on-demand and live video viewing are becoming increasingly blurred.

⑥ Connected Cars

Consumers are expecting an age in which information and communication technologies can connect with automobiles, but the growth of the market is hampered by pricing, safety and privacy issues.

⑦ Smart Home

The smart home industry will continue to create new use cases for safe life and energy management.

⑧ Smart Home Devices & Services

Insurance companies are looking for new business opportunities in smart home products and services.

⑨ Wearables

Wearable devices and smart watches will gradually expand into healthcare tools and integrate with other IoT applications.

⑩ Healthcare

The healthcare market is driving integration with smart home ecosystems and new business models.

TiTAN Core Planning


There are various media devices in the living room. Along with the changes of the times, the devices that users use changed along with new services.

However, many devices in the living room have had inconvenience such as, downloading an APP of their product individually as well as separate control system. Therefore, integration process is needed to solve this problem.. TiTAN Core is an AI-based smart home device that integrates separate devices and services such as game machines, STB, OTT, home IoT, healthcare, and voice secretary into one, and can use numerous services anywhere. It is designed to control IoT and entertainment services with AI Based voice commands based on the built-in smart content platform 'TiTAN Play' and TiTAN platform's exclusive TiTAN platform content identifier (TCI) content protection technology.


Voice secretary function can be referred as the biggest change in the smart home’s personal control system.


According to a survey by Strategy Analytics, the sales volume of digital voice secretary devices will grow rapidly from 1.8 million units in 2016 to more than 15 million units by 2020.


According to the US survey above, 53% of voice assistant users are using smart home features.

Devices which based on voice recognition secretaries are rapidly evolving to incorporate various functions to become a key role in smart home. TiTAN Platform has launched the smart home device ‘TiTAN Core’ in response to this trend.

Smart Home Device, TiTAN Core

TiTAN Core is a smart home device that implements various ICT services such as, from enjoying TiTAN Play based multimedia contents to personalized storage, IOT gateway function based on TiTAN Play in one device.

1) TiTAN Core’s Core technologies

A. Provide a content creation environment that anyone can become a creator from content creation to distribution.
B. IoT hub that controls and manages devices for temperature, lights, home electronics, etc.
C. Protect all the information in the device safely with TCI technology
D. Integration of numerous services such as TV, radio, music, game, OTT, home IoT, healthcare, voice secretary, etc. in one device

2) Technical Overview

With TiTAN Play on the TiTAN Core, you can enjoy multimedia contents such as movies, music and webtoons. You can also enjoy with various functions, such as producing UGC contents using separate webcam and microphone, and uploading on TiTAN Play.

core_img_07 core_img_08

3) Core Functions Comparison

Google Home Amozon Echo TiTAN Core
Voice Assistant O O O
Music O O O
Home IoT O O O
Connected TV X X O(4K support)
OTT Service X X O
Smart Hearth X X O
Karaoke X X O
Game X X O
Wireless AP Hub X X O
Local & Cloud Storage X X O