TiTAN Core


You are in control. No need to access multiple devices when it comes to all your home IoT solutions. Titan Core makes it easy to add any android based IoT application to its platform. Our smart home hub allows you to control and manage your lights, locks, windows, thermostat and home security cameras all from the comfort of one single smart device.



Access fun. Wouldn’t it be nice to integrate and access all your digital content and entertainment from one solution . With Titan Core you can easily store and access all of your videos, music, games and podcasts. Add your latest videos, upload your music, download any android based video game and access digital content such as podcasts and exciting user generated content (UGC). Our easy access will keep you and your family entertained


Make it movie night at home. Titan Core lets you stream premium movies and TV shows all in the comfort of your own home. Check out the latest movies and TV shows or find movie classics to watch anytime you want. Titan Core brings home all your favorites.


It’s just smarter. Titan Core integrates with our Titan AI to offer a new look, hear and feel experience at home. Tell Titan AI to stream your favorite movie or play your favorite song. Access your security camera to check its status or turn off the lights with just your voice. Titan Core combined with Titan AI lets your create a smarter lifestyle for you and your family.