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Dreams meet reality

TiTANplatform is dedicated to the people. Based on this management philosophy, we offer a new content paradigm as a platform that protects digital content rights of digital contents and share profits with creators.
Our Goal
The Titan platform protects the rights of creators to create a wide variety of creative digital content. TiTANplatform Content Identifier (TCI) technology protects content rights as well as provide traceable data to enable creators to share their work in a secure space. A safe platform for creators leads to high quality content and satisfied users. Ultimately, our goal is to become a global platform that everyone in the world can enjoy.
TiTANplatform protects the rights of creators
Business Motto
Life at TiTANplatform
TiTANplatform grows with you.

People-oriented enterprise.
TiTANplatform is for the people. We encourage individuals to demonstrate their abilities to work towards a unified vision and shared goals, and to grow together

System Management.
TiTANplatform has built a systematic and rational system for organic management activities while maintaining consistency and sustained growth and stability in a rapidly changing environment.

Freedom of communication.
TiTANplatform encourages horizontal communication among all members, from employees to CEOs, and motivates members to receive each other’s thoughts and opinions with an open mind.

Happiness-centered relationships.
TiTANplatform ultimately aims to achieve happiness for all, and we are constantly setting and implementing goals.