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Customer value innovation

Ethical management.

TiTANplatform wants to be a company that realizes its customers' dreams by offering new value to its customers. In order to do this, we have set the philosophy of customer value innovation (CVI) as the goal of ethical management. Ultimately, being a company that customers can absolutely trust and respect is the key to ethical management in TiTANplatform.
Ethical management system.

Our Belief

Business Ethics Charter
TiTANplatform is based on the philosophy of "creating customer value" and "people-oriented management" and pursuing ethical management based on empathy and innovation.
We respect the market economy order that pursues fair and free competition and aim to create common profit with all stakeholders by cooperation based on mutual trust.
In order to realize this, we have established ethical codes that outline practices and behaviors that all employees are expected to observe.

Corporate Ethics Charter

We aim to create value for customers and secure their trust by making customer’s opinions our top priority.

(1) Customer respect

We approach all customer demands with importance and listen to their opinions with attentiveness and sincerity. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

(2) Value Creation

We always strive to create value that answers our customer’s needs and wants.

(3) Providing value

We provide our customers with the best products and services, responding promptly and accurately to customer needs.

Ensure competitive advantage in the right way and comply with relevant laws and regulations.

(1) pursue free competition

Fair competition, ability to compete with competitors protecting all interests.

(2) Compliance with the law

We observe all laws and regulations.

All employees establish the company’s unique values guided by fairness and honesty and continue to fulfill their responsibilities through proper duties and self-development efforts.

(1) Basic ethics

All employees are always proud, honest and fair-minded. Employees work to keep the honor of the company and the dignity of the individual.

(2) Completing the mission

All executives and employees faithfully carry out their responsibilities in accordance with the company's vision.

Employees will work fairly and comply with all relevant laws and regulations.

Employees protect the confidentiality of the company and maintain company property.

Employees communicate effectively and actively with the team and their peers to improve work efficiency.

(3) Self-development

Employees always try to develop themselves to contribute further to company growth

(4) Fair job performance

Employees uphold honesty and fairness and help create a corporate culture of integrity.

Employees do not take any form of monetary remuneration from stakeholders

(5) Avoid conflict of interest with the company

Do not take advantage of the company's property by through unauthorized usage.

Partners' Ethics Practice Convention
Establish cooperative relationships based on mutual trust through fair and transparent transactions and pursue joint growth with stakeholders in the long term.

(1) Equal opportunity for all eligible companies to participate in partnering and selection.

(2) Alliance registration and selection shall be conducted in a reasonable manner in accordance with objective and impartial examination criteria.

(1) All transactions are conducted fairly in a mutually equitable manner and transaction conditions and procedure are fully negotiated.

(2) Any form of unfair conduct such as using superior status is not to be engaged in.

(3) Information necessary for transactions is provided mutually on a timely basis through appropriate procedures, and transaction results are periodically evaluated and complemented according to fair standards.

(1) Long-term partnerships are actively supported and profits generated through innovation will be mutually shared.

(2) Collaborations with partners to create a clean trade climate and maintain a fair trade order are encouraged.