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Market conditions & Needs

Currently, content providers cannot completely block piracy with existing copyright protection technology and individual creators have difficulty in generating significant profits with limited revenue models. Users are also inconvenienced with the need to access different platforms separately in order to enjoy contents such as video, music, webtoon, and VR.

Business Overview

TiTANplatform is a content Open market content platform business that is responsible for secure distribution by applying rights protection technology to digital content. We are also working on smart device business that can enjoy all kinds of multimedia content (video, music, webtoon, E-book, etc) including VR content registered on platform.

Business Portfolio

TiTAN Play

Open market content platform business that is responsible for secure sharing and distribution of digital content.


Smart device business that enables multimedia services and consumption.


A global content development and supply business that leads the market paradigm.


A brand of audio and video multimedia peripherals.

Business Model

We will provide rights protection to content creators (suppliers) centering on TiTAN Play to encourage usage of the platform content provision and to distribute revenue generated by users purchasing, viewing, or subscribing to videos and channels as well in addition to ad revenue. You can also expect Additional device sales is also expected by enabling content consumption through smart home device TiTAN Core.

Success Flow

Vision & Future Business

TiTANplatform is a content platform that provides killer content centering on open market content platform, TiTAN Play which is based on TCI technology and the TiTAN Core smart home device business. Through this, we are creating a new global media ecosystem that combines media content platform and smart device.